Seattle, WA | Published on: June 25, 2014
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The Happy Crate: A subscription box of products to make cannabis better. Just add cannabis.
The Happy Crate is a premium subscription box of tastefully-designed products for cannabis users to enjoy.

The Happy Crate is a premium subscription box service for new and experienced cannabis users. With cannabis newly legalized in two states, we understand that many people will now be trying cannabis for the very first time. Like learning the intricacies of bar etiquette or how to pair wine and food, we saw a gap in knowledge for these new cannabis users. Our mission is to educate and facilitate responsible and incredibly fun use of cannabis in this newly legalized industry. The Happy Crate doesn't send any actual cannabis - rather fun products to use with it, such as: art project kits, books, snacks, games, and smoking accessories. The Happy Crate also provides resources on safe and responsible usage as well as how to engage with the cannabis community in the online CannaWiki.

The founders of The Happy Crate are experts at prescribing the perfect complement for a sophisticated cannabis experience. If your idea of a good time extends far beyond getting high and watching cartoons, then The Happy Crate is for you.

By combining tasteful design sense from a product development background with years of smoking experience, the founders of The Happy Crate are on a mission to change the cannabis world - one new or experienced user at a time.

We wanted to provide the picks and shovels for the cannabis gold rush. This is our chance to forge an entirely novel industry.

— Paul Gambill, Co-Founder